FIFA 23: Unlock Edit Tool v1.0.9

Unlock Edit Tool:

Unlock your full creative potential in FIFA with the Unlock Edit Tool! This powerful mod gives you the ability to modify every aspect of your players, giving you full control over their appearance and features.

Main features:

  1. Complete customization: Modify the age, name, nationality, appearance and other details of your players to create a truly unique squad.
  2. Personalized celebrations: Choose from a wide range of celebrations and assign the one you like best to each player, adding your personal touch to each goal you score.
  3. Tactical Settings: Change your players’ positions, tactical roles, and playing styles to suit your strategy and maximize their performance on the pitch.
  4. Custom Equipment: Choose your players’ kits, boots and accessories to create a distinctive style and give them an individual look.

Exclusive features:

  1. Skill Tuning: Upgrade your players’ individual skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, defending and more to reflect their true potential on the pitch.
  2. Physical customization: Adjust physical aspects such as the size, weight, strength and speed of your players to give them a physical presence according to your game strategies.

And more! This version of the Unlocked Editing Tool includes an exclusive feature for Patreon users. As a thank you for their support, Patreon users will have additional access to an exclusive feature that will allow them to make even more detailed and personalized adjustments to player skills and attributes.

Unlock Edit Tool seamlessly integrates into the main menu and career mode, offering an intuitive interface that makes editing players easy. Although in career mode you won’t be able to modify the attributes, you can adjust all the other aspects to create your dream team.

Unleash your creativity and transform the world of FIFA with the Unlock Edit Tool! Shape the identity of your players and create a personalized and exciting gaming experience in each match

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Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Manual Install PC Compatible


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