FIFA Manager 2023

FIFA Manager 2023 is a patch which brings 2022/2023 squads, tournaments and graphics into FIFA Manager 13 (14). It also fixes a lot of errors and crashes in original game. Below you can see a list of main features of the patch.

-Updated database with 2022/2023 squads and tournaments
-Updated 2D graphics (including: badges (clubs and competitions), portraits (players, staff and referee), city and stadium images, trophy pictures, tickets, minikits, loadscreens and more)
-Updated 3D graphics (more than 3,000 actual 3d-kits, more than 800 3D stadiums, nearly 5000 unique 3D faces, 3D-balls for more than 50 competitions, nearly 1000 stadium banners)
-Dark mode for a more enjoyable gaming experience at night
-World Cup mode – play World Cup 2022 with authentic squads and groups
-Updated Parameter Files (improved player development, changed salaries and player market values)
-Updated statistics for leagues and cups (history files)
-New formations (tactics) with 3, 4 and 5 defenders
-Updated sponsors – more than 2500 real sponsors were added to the game, teams are connected with sponsors they have in real life, you can see sponsors on generic kits and on adboards in 3D match
-Team Control – control your team with gamepad or keyboard in 3D-match
-Windowed mode – run a game in the window without any restrictions
-A lot of improvements and new features (ability to choose any national team to manage at game start, unlocked game awards and achievements, bigger jersey numbers in 3d-match, better distribution of teams on regional levels, actual managers and staff for national teams, wingers score more goals, and many other)
-Fixed critical errors in original game (season transition crash (31.06), random crash at opening screens and many other)


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Author: Dmitri