FC 24: KIA Career Mode v1.6

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What the mod does:

-Fixed the issue where changing the power plan would not display the future result in the game. (new feature v1.6)

-The age of the promising young people that we bring from the exploration missions has been changed again, the minimum is now 15 and the maximum is 18. (new feature v1.6)

-The speed at which players lose OVR was changed, now dropping one point of OVR should take approximately 60 weeks or more, THIS ONLY WORKS BY PLACING THE BALANCED TRAINING PLAN OR THE KIA PLANS. (new feature v1.6)

-The minimum age at which players will retire was changed to 36 and the maximum to 41. In the case of goalkeepers, the minimum age will now be 37 and the maximum remains at 41. (new feature v1.6)

-The speed for scouting players in the GTN should be more faster then in the past (like 3-7 days). (new feature v1.6)

-The AI ​​morale has been changed, now it will no longer be below the player’s morale like in the base game. (new feature v1.6)

-The generation behavior of “REGENS” has been nerfed, worse quality players should emerge based on the “REGENS” (it has not been fully tested yet, bear with me if it does not work as it should and please let me know). (new feature v1.6)

-The behavior in which the AI ​​makes offers, whether for transfers or loans, has been modified again (should improve). (new feature v1.6)

-Changed the behavior where the AI ​​chooses team, it should be more logical now (let me know if it doesn’t work). (new feature v1.6)

-The behavior of the AI has been modified again when offering jobs in teams, now 99% of the time the AI will offer you a contract to manage their team at the end of the season and the probability that this is at the beginning is 1%, besides, now you must be very successful if you want to be promoted from a small team to a big one, nothing that after winning the Danish trophy you are contacted by Atletico Madrid. 

-The price of the players has been modified again, this time the “TransferMrkt” page was used to get a better result (I think I can polish it a bit more). 

-The scoring behavior of both the league table and the scorers or assistants has been modified again. 

-The limit of players you can have in the team has been changed, the maximum is now 70 and the minimum 22. 

-Fixed a problem in which the training did not give several attributes, also updated the “Dynamic Winger” training plan, now the “LM” and “RM” positions will also be able to use it.

-The behavior in which the AI buys, borrows or transfers players has been modified again. Now it should be much easier to get loans of players from different leagues, now you will be able to borrow players between 70-80 on average as long as this player is not a starter or an important piece in the team (don’t expect to borrow Camavinga or Foden hahahaha). Loan preferences were also modified, now players will much prefer a short term or one year loan rather than a loan that lasts two years.

-The behavior in which IA improves its squad has been modified, it will now look much more to improve areas that lack quality in either the starting or substitute squad. It will also consider much more improving the squad with loans than with transfers (especially noticeable in teams with low budgets). Thanks to this, when IA sells one of its key players, it will replace him in the most effective way possible.

-The number of hours in the last transfer day has been modified, now it will be 24 hours.

-The budgets for transfers and salaries of all teams have been modified, they are now lower.

-The maximum age for loan players has been changed to 38 years.

-The values of Scouts for young prospects have been modified; now, low-level ones will remain cheap, but high-level ones will have significant price differences. Unfortunately, this feature will only work if you start a new career; it won’t work with a saved game.

-The age at which youth academy players request to leave has been modified again; it is now 20 – 22 years. Additionally, as a precaution, youth academy players cannot terminate their contracts until 24 months have passed since signing with the club.

-The value of scouting missions has been modified; they are now more expensive. Similarly.

-The retirement probability has been modified again; now, players over 37 years old will retire 99% of the time if they do not have an OVR of 87 or higher (new feature).

-Player salaries have been modified, varying by their OVR, age, and position on the field, especially above 70 OVR. Additionally, the additional percentage paid in salaries by the Premier -League and the Saudi League has been modified.

-“SHARPNESS” has been modified; now, CPU players will be equalized to your players.

-The annoying “player tired” email sent after a match has been modified; now, it should only appear if your player finishes the match with 10 energy or less.

-The minimum attendance of the public has been modified to 50%.

-The minimum number of goalkeepers per team has been modified; now, the minimum is 3.

-The morale and therefore the expected playing time for each different role of each player have been modified, so now you won’t have as many morale problems if you don’t play a certain role in a certain match (it still exists, it’s just not as exaggerated and ridiculous as EA made it; a bench player won’t ask to play in the Champions League final, and if they do, their happiness won’t drop if you don’t play them).

-A more realistic transfer or loan price negotiation system.

-A more realistic salary increase or decrease negotiation system.

-The offer system has been modified. If you take more than 4 days outside the transfer window to respond to an offer, the club will withdraw it for lack of interest, 3 days if you are inside the transfer window and 2 hours if you are already in the last hours of the transfer window.

-Reduction of the waiting time after a failed negotiation from 2 weeks to 1 week.

-Easier to manage coaches system. Now all coaches have a maximum of 25 stars needed for any position, and each season you can have 2 more coaches on the team (maximum 20 coaches) (useful when you’re in a team with few available coaches).

-Coaches are now more expensive.

-Better renewal system, players that are crucial for the teams will renew almost always, players that are not crucial or that the team doesn’t need them will tend to stay without renewing 95% of the time.

-Improved termination clauses system. Young players with very good potential will almost always have a termination clause, in “La Liga” this possibility increases even more. On the other hand, if players are over 20 years old, they are much less likely to have a termination clause.

-All unrealistic or meaningless objectives such as “sign 3 players from Africa” have been COMPLETELY removed, only realistic or meaningful objectives have been kept. Also, the system where you get kicked out of the club for poor performance has been modified, now it’s more likely that you’ll be sacked if your approval rating drops below 40, so be careful not to lose too much.

-The behavior where the AI gives you budget after a season has been modified, there will no longer be those crazy +200m budgets, the maximum possible is +100m and only if you meet all the objectives and exceed them by excess, even then the probability is minimal.

-The contract renewal system has been improved. Now the best players in the team will prefer long contracts in their first stage in the team and when they have to extend them most of the time they will ask for 2 years minimum, and this is quite the opposite if the player is not one of the best in the squad.

-The system for finding promising young players has been changed, now it should be a bit easier to find gems in countries where there would normally be gems (Brazil, Argentina, England, Spain, etc.), also the system for finding promising players has been changed, now if you select “physically strong” you will get players who are physically strong and will tend to have traits related to that. Also, the way players dress has been changed, now you will see more players wearing long-sleeved shirts, especially goalkeepers. Also, the probability of finding gems increases with each report you receive, so if you choose a report that lasts 9 months it will be more beneficial than if you choose one that lasts 3 months.

-New training plans for positions: GK, LWB, RWB, CDM, CM, CAM, LW, RW, ST. (I think if you like not having to constantly change player training, you’ll really like this.)

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Finally, I want to thank you for reading this, this is the first time I make a mod for FC 24 and I still have a lot to learn, but I wanted to contribute something that I felt was missing, I know there are many other career mode mods that are probably more complete than this one, if you have any suggestions on what to add just write it on the page and I will answer you as soon as possible, thanks for trying the mod and let me know if you find any bug please.

Made by KIA19

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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