FC 24 KIA Gameplay Mod v2.1

This mod took me a while to make, and due to the headaches it caused me, it will most likely bring nothing more than compatibility for future updates of the game.

Recommended settings:
Sliders = Default
Game speed = Normal
Difficulty per player = On
Game difficulty = Legendary or World Class (never ultimate), depends on your hands hahaha.
Minutes = 4min (you can play with less or more depending on how you see the goals per game, but I found the balance in 4min.

The mod does the following:

-The defense should be much more capable of defending space, using the strengh to win the ball, tackling or sweeping to win the ball back. (new feature v2.1)

-The goalkeeper of both yours and the IA has been improved again, especially the grip, as in the last version they barely caught the ball. (new feature v2.1)

-Player speed has been reduced (still playable without looking like turtles, but unfortunately in the case of players with 60 pace, it is very noticeable, take it into consideration before telling me they are fucking turtles please hahaha). (new feature v2.1)

-The physics of the ball both on the ground and in the air have been redesigned again, it should be slower on crosses and pumped filtered passes, still, it is playable. Additionally, it has been modified again and in a slight way, the sticky thing that has the ball to the player’s foot, now it should be totally null, so remember that if you notice that your player with the ball is slower when running, it is not because your player is invalid, it is because now you must advance the ball if you want to not be reached while running (remember it is not perfect, the game should be perfect, f#&1ng EA). (new feature v2.1)

-The behavior of the AI has been further improved again, now the AI is much more capable when dribbling and deciding whether to pass or hold the ball until his teammate is unmarked. 

-Shooting speeds were slowed down a bit more.

-The AI will now behave more aggressively, make more crosses into the penalty area, and commit more tackles, thus the likelihood of receiving a foul is much higher (this doesn’t mean they will commit 5 fouls per game).

-Shots from short, medium, and long distances are slower (it was complicated to modify this as EA has some strange codes and sometimes bugs with powerful shots arise that are impossible to fix, keep that in mind).

-The AI’s behavior will not just be based on running down the wing and making a cross into the area, it will now depend more on the opposing team’s strategy, so if a team plays tiki-taka, you will almost always see them making plays in that style (it still needs improvement, so keep that in mind, it’s not perfect, the game itself should be perfect on release hahahaha).

-The AI should miss more shots, crosses, and passes, whether short or long, and will also attempt more risky passes into space.

-The injury behavior has been modified, now the probability of your players getting injured with 30% energy or less is much higher.

-The AI should take more long shots, whether they are precision finishes, powerful shots, or normal shots. Midfielders will be more likely to miss these shots.

-The rating behavior has been modified; now if your goalkeeper makes many saves but concedes one goal, they will still maintain a high rating. Additionally, successful tackles, elegant passes, crosses, assists, and goals have been adjusted to be more realistic. Now, if your midfielder has two assists, they will generally have a high score.

I recommend playing it with my other mod: KIA Career Mode.

I leave the mod’s discord in case you want to talk to me:   https://discord.gg/WHy2gSA6AB

My Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=57889117

I will leave an official video of small AI moments with the mod.

Career Mode Compatible Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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