CRLP 11 V.1.2

FIFA-Infinity proudly presents one of the best addons ever created for FIFA. CRLP (Complete Romanian League Patch) is a stunning addon which introduces the first Romanian League, “Liga 1 Bergenbier” in your favorite game.The first volume of CRLP will bring the main features of the romanian championship in FIFA 11, plus many new key additions, in order to make sure your experience is unique. Embark on a 15 years Career and prove your manager skills. Create a Virtual Pro or choose a real existing player from your favorite team and experience Be a Pro mode in a whole new dimension. Making a closer look to our key features, we are very pleased to confirm the following content in CRLP v1.2:

• All 18 Liga 1 Bergenbier teams and all 12 Divizia Nationala teams are fully licensed, containing:
– Up to date rosters (July 11th – Liga 1 ; March 1st – Divizia Nationala)
– Home, Away and 3rd kits (11/12 for Steaua, Otelul, Rapid, Ceahlaul and Concordia)
– High-Quality Logos
– Top notch mini’s
– Over 70 detailed player faces
– Real Club Budgets
– Accurate player skills
– Real player heights, weights and birthdays
– Custom Team Tactics
• Romanian and Moldavian Leagues and Cups featured in both Manager Mode and Tournament Mode
NOTE: If you start your first Manager Mode Season with Otelul Galati or Steaua Bucuresti, you will have to fight for the first trophy of the season, in the brand new (2011) Romanian SuperCup Final. Win it, and get a morale boost for your players, because a very difficult season awaits them all.
• Specific “Liga 1 Bergenbier” romanian referees, stadium adboards, team flags, scoreboards, sponsors, official balls, newspapers and more
• Correct leagues format (11/12) and updated rosters for the most powerful championships in Europe
• A lot of new free agent players, including over 50 young ones and several international superstars
• FIFA Club World Cup featured in your Manager Mode Career
• Be a Pro compatible (Liga 1 Only)
• Revamped Romanian National Team
• Many other additions and touches to the game
• Small, fast, easy to use and beautiful looking patch installer

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Known Bugs
Unfortunately we must announce you that our patch still has some bugs, being impossible to fix most of them at this point (EA original bugs or/and Editing Tools limitations)
• CRLP v1.2 still crashes in Be a Pro when playing against a very few teams (Sportul Studentesc is one of them)
“Fix” -> Save your career after playing every single match. When you encounter that crash, restart the game and use the Sim function instead of actually playing that match.
• Divizia Nationala is still not Be a Pro compatible, as it was not a high priority for us considering almost nobody is playing in that league, let alone in Be a Pro (To be fixed in v2 probably)
• Do not start a Manager Mode career with “FC Costuleni” (Divizia Nationala), the game will crash when accessing “Team Management” (Cannot be fixed)
• If a team wins both romanian league and cup in the same season, that team will play against itself in the Romanian SuperCup (Cannot be fixed)
• The game still crashes sometimes when trying to search a player by his name, it doesn’t always happen though
“Fix” -> Use the “Detailed” search, it is much better anyway

1) After you have downloaded CRLP 11 Volume 1.2, open the file (CRLP 2011 Volume 1 – v1.2), starting this way the addon Installer.
2) Be sure you select FIFA 11 Folder when asked to browse your main FIFA folder path. For example, if FIFA is installed in “D:/Games/FIFA 11″, select this directory in the Installer box.
(If you have an older version of CRLP, make sure you overwrite the old files when you are asked to)
3) After the installation is complete, FIFA 11 Regenerator, which is included in the package, will load up automatically, starting to analyze the files that must be edited.
4) When this analyzing process is complete, the “GO” button will become Green. To start the files regeneration, just click it for once. You will maybe have to wait a bit, so do not worry if this process takes more than just a few seconds.
5) The regeneration process is now completed, so you can finally start playing CRLP v1.2.
5) When you start FIFA for the first after installing this patch, choose to “Create New Settings” in order to access all the patch features. Otherwise, you will encounter many game errors and crashes.
6) Go to “My Fifa -> Edit -> Edit Squads -> Reset Squads”
7) Enjoy the first authentic Romanian League patch for FIFA Next-Gen !

You have 2 ways of uninstalling CRLP v1.2:
1) Open the “Uninstaller” file, located in your main FIFA 11 Folder, click “OK” and wait a few seconds untill the process is completed. After that, go to your FIFA 11 Kit (DVD/Image) Game folder, and copy the “data” folder in your FIFA 11/Game folder.
2) Open the 1.6 patch regenerator, located in your FIFA 11/Game folder, and after the “GO” button becomes Green, click on the grey box which tells you something like “Take care of edited files …”, click it for once, and it should show you now “Ignore the edited files …”, then press “GO” button one time, and after the regeneration process is completed, FIFA 11 will then ignore CRLP v1.2, without removing any patch files.

FIFA-Infinity Team:

• virtual_razvan – Database, kits, minikits, adboards and GUI
• Damien – Database and Fonts
• mihai20cm – Kits and Menu Design
• The-Clau – Kits, minikits and balls
• alex_10_arshavin – Faces
• Lck – Team Flags and minikits
• alex_10 – Boots
• Merdiso – Software engineer and Video artist
• ANBSeth – DigiSport ScoreBoard

silver – Faces
• Mogolos – Kits

! Special Thanks to Rinaldo for his amazing FIFA Master 11 Series and many thanks to iard68 for his FIFA 11 Regenerator !


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Author: FIFA Infinity Team

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  1. Vedem, în primele 2 builduri BETA testate intern nu au fost puse. Poate in full….

  2. Numai il puneti la Gaz Metan pe Eric sau in afara lotului dar nici rezerva mai bine nu-l mai puneti…..dar pacat mare de el bulangiu

  3. va rog sa ma ajuntati….nu imi apar numele ligii intai si a echipelor….imi apare cva de genu team nuj cum…..ce trebuie sa fac?

  4. Cand va aparea crlp v2 ? ca aceste v1.2 este cam aiurea .

  5. Saptamana asta s-a anuntat

  6. cand apare ma razvan v2 odata de cand il astept …..


  8. can wait for patch 2.0 daca nu apare maine poimaine sigur 🙂 pt ca ei fac o treaba ff buna

  9. • Be a Pro compatible (Liga 1 Only)

    Asta inseamna ca numai merge sa incepi cu echipe straine?

  10. Nu, inseamna ca la Moldova da crash la toate echipele (si la Liga 1 in v1.2 da la Sportul, simuleaza meciul si treci mai departe, in v2 va fi rezolvat), de aceea e “Liga 1 Only” (ca am adaugat in v1.2 si divizia nationala a vecinilor nostri).
    Vei putea incepe BaP si cu echipe straine.

  11. Doamne, eram sigur ca asta va fi urmatorul comment.
    Apare acusica. 😉

  12. cand apare apare pls ras ca in seara asta plec afara si vreau sa iau v2 pls

  13. poate apare la 17:00:X:X:X:

  14. ast ras urgent pls makr sa nu mai ast degeaba

  15. Inca o intrebare (Intrebare adresata echipei, nu-mi pot schimba numele) :

    Fontul de pe tricouri, in special numerele sunt adaugate de voi cele reale din Liga I sau raman cele normale din joc? Din pacate font-urile folosite de unele echipe din Liga I nu exista in joc….

  16. da chestia cu fonturile chiar e o treaba.In versiunile anterioare v-ati descurcat chiar bine.Fonturile de la Steaua sunt exeptionale de la echipamentul din sezonul acesta.

  17. La Steaua am facut fonturi speciale. In rest, am schimbat culori la fonturi deja existente in FIFA.

  18. Ma refer acum la versiunea Volume 2 care apare in weekend. Pregatiti-va, este o experienta unica in istoria patchurilor romanesti deoarece este cel mai mare patch romanesc facut vreodata pentru orice versiune de FIFA. Puteti incepe o cariera si din Liga a 4 a si sa duceti echipe cu traditie, sau cu un viitor care suna bine, spre Liga 1!

  19. ooo..e super bravoo voua!!daca adaugati si voi graficele de UCL si LE….AR FI FABULOS..VA ROG MULT

  20. mai am si eu o intrebare…in volume 2 sunt toate stadioanele din romania?

  21. Au numele real, da, dar in rest nu se pot pune stadioane noi in FIFA 11.

  22. abia astept sa apara in astept ..bafta in continuare

  23. cand in weekend ca nu mai am rabdare MULTUMIM:D>:D<

  24. Aveti rabdare :D, este singura echipa care face liga1 pt. fifa 11, si ii RESPECT! BRAVO BAIETI 😉 Abia astept v2 😀

  25. Razvane poti sa-l pui pana in ora 17? ma asteapta 2 tovarasi pentru un mega maraton diseara pana dimineata la 8 !

  26. bvo baieti faceti o treaba f buna 😀 , dar dupa primul sezon versiunea 1.2 da crash si iese din joc 🙁

    sper ca in vers 2.0 sa nu avem probleme de genu 😀 spor la treaba, si multa bafta!!

  27. Incredibil! Sambata la 22:43:04,Esti nebun?

  28. Pana acum tot ati intrebat cand apare, acum stiti, asa ca asteptati inca un pic 😀

  29. deci la 22:43:04 apare..:)))..asta-seara numai dorm..:))

  30. Nu am zis eu nici o ora. E o farsa a altcuiva.

  31. ma voi ne luati acm si la Ravzan spune-ne si noua o ora exacta..sau mai bne ziua,,azi sau maine?

  32. =)))) Ba ce da ce rost are? sa va zica ora? daca a zis ca apare in weekend adica azi sau maine inseama…dumnezeule

  33. cum sa nu te iau la misto daca esti incredibil,Iti garantez ca maine seara la ora 00:00 o sa te joci V2.0

  34. Tatarusanu va avea numele pe tricou?

  35. Cred ca o sa aiba numele pe ghete Tatarusanu…ce intrebare …:)))
    Apropo e gata CRLP?

  36. cand apare ca sun nerabdator. RESPECT FIFA INFITY!

  37. @karas : uita-te in sceen-uri inainte sa comentezi…

  38. am si eu doua intrebari:
    1. trebuie sa stergem versiunea cealalta de patch si sa bagam pe acesta pe un fifa curat?
    2. eu am editat cativa jucatori sa fie nascuti in anul 1994, se pierde aceasta editare sau pot continua asa?

  39. screenurile sunt pentru v1.2 si deci de ce s-ar uita pe ele?

  40. Eu am intrebat daca s-a modificat acest lucru, karas nu stia la ce ma refer, esti asa sigur ca se va modifica complet de la v1.2 la 2? Este aceeasi baza, nu s-a inceput de la 0.

  41. Mai esti mult pana apare ?:)o ora exacta daca puteti sa dati ,v-as fi recunoscator …..Multumesc !

  42. Mai este vreo sansa pentru in seara asta? 😀

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