Sputnik Automated Bootpack v2 for Classic Patch 14

Like the first artificial Earth satellite Sputnik 1, this bootpack will guide you through the years 1994-2018 with most era appropriate boots being used automatically in Classic Patch 14.

Credits: Scouser for making this possible; Alex10, RD86, Pao4ever, Barrysun, Xuskan, JS8, Nabo78, Pillowbiter, Mh25, CBM, Rout, Acicog30, eddyedwards, pe pe, mita996 & all other makers.

Most importantly: you need team.lua file with SetTeamYear command for each team to use correct year boots. Please check the ReadMe file carefully, explanations and examples provided there.

Please do report any issues, mistakes and make sure to provide lacking boot models if you find any.

Not Compatible With Career Mode Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !

Author: V.K