Creation Master 16 Modified Beta 2

This edited version of Creation Master 16 V2.0 adds some new features and fixes some issues.



Beta 2
-Set face type for all players based on user’s collection via menu function.
-Entries in playernames table with IDs over 28999 added to dcplayernames table when saving.
-Some graphics, including kits, saved to existing file rather than default container.
-Player DOB can be set after 2006.
-Chip shot and technical dribbler traits now supported.
-Compdata schedules show dates starting in 2021 rather than 2015.
-Compdata limits of stored promotion and relegation slots and special teams increased.
-Alternate 3D kit preview options.
-Fixed “advance_teamcompdependency” bug.
-Imported textures with incorrect sizes are resized.

Beta 1
-Player join date can be set after 2020.
-Tournament start dates can be after 2020.
-Tournament prize money limit increased.



You must have Creation Master V2.0 installed to use, replace the original CreationMaster16.exe, FifaLibrary16.dll and FifaControls.dll with these versions.

It is strongly recommended that you backup the original files and your main DB, language DB and compdata files before using in case of any problems.



-Rinaldo (Creation Master 16)
-scouser09 (some edits)

PC Compatible Win10 Compatibility


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Author: scouser09

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