European Expansion Patch 23 v.2.0 WIP #4 [TU17.1]

One of the most awaited mods of the season is here!

European Expansion Patch 23 (EEP 23) is now available for download and will expand your FIFA 23 experience even further with more leagues, teams and players.

Here’s the full list of features that this mod brings to the table:


Version 1.0

• Greece Super League with cup
• Brasileiro Série A with all 2023 teams
• Czech Fortuna:Liga with cup
• Croatia Super Sport HNL
• Serbia Mozzart Bet SuperLiga with cup
• Regionalliga with 22 teams
• extended DFB Pokal to feature Regionalliga teams
• Serie C with 16 teams
• Vanarama National League with 13 teams
• winter transfers for all vanilla and new teams
• updated latest EA squads file
• licensed a lot of vanilla goalkeeper kits
• licensed Serie A teams with also 3rd kits
• more than 30 new Rest of World/Europe teams
• promoted 2023 teams like Stabaek, St. Louis City and Cork City
• Club World Cup in career mode
• real CL/EL/ConfLeague groups
• 45 new national teams with anthem playable in career mode
• national team tournaments in career mode (Copa America, Gold Cup, Asia Cup, Africa Cup)
• additional Tournaments Addon to play Club World Cup and national teams tournaments in tournaments mode
• new adboards and balls
• special scoreboards for new and existent tournaments
• playable in all fifa-supported languages
• new Wonderkids
• more than 2000 new minifaces
• more than 400 new manager minifaces
• licensed Pre-season Tournaments
• real stadium and manager names

Version 2.0 (WIP #4)


  • thousends of transfers also down in lower leagues
  • hundreds of new players
  • latest transfers until 15th september (like Verratti to Al-Arabi, Pepe to Trabzonspor)
  • 100% real european groups (including new teams like Breidablik)
  • EEP/FIFER Compatibility mod added (see instructions in the download)
  • promoted and relegated all teams that was in the game
  • in total 38 new promoted teams that was not part of FIFA/EEP 23 (from Spain, Turkiye, France, Belgium, Portugal, Czech, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Poland, Romania, Poland)
  • updated new league formats in france, beligum and saudi arabia
  • career start in 2023
  • quakies 23/24 kits AIO
  • brazil national teamid got changed, they are no available in kickoff and edit team menus
  • updated some 23/24 graphics like LaLiga League Logo, Burnley/Aston Villa logo and some more
  • fixed a bug that international friendlies did not appear in career mode
  • fixed PlayerCareer crash on career start with new teams/leagues
  • fixed a bug in Africa Cup finals
  • added new CONMEBOL teams from EA’s April update
  • fixed some logos that made LiveEditor crash with the option “load graphics”, this should work now
  • added some of the missing kits (Cork City, SK Brann and few more)
  • updated SüperLig to 20 and switzerland to 12 teams in career mode

How to install:
1) Download FIFA ModManager and EEP
2) Extract !both! with WinRar, 7Zip or any other tool
3) import the mods into FIFA ModManager
4) copy and paste the squads file (or icons squads if you want) from EEP Download\Squads to Documents\FIFA 23\settings
5) copy and paste the dynamic loc files from EEP Download\IMPORTANT – Installation\Fix language strings to where you get by double clicking the “dynamicLocDB” link one directory above (Temp)
6) inside the temp directory selectall files, click right click with your mouse and hit “Properties”, then tick the file option “Read Only” and confirm
7) for mod order in FIFA ModManager make sure that EEP addons are on the bottom (down) of your Apply List, EEP MainMod is above them and ABOVE (top of) EEP MainMod are all the other mods you may want to use. do NOT put any other mod under EEP!
8) set up the command line argument (click on the game in the library you bought it, click properties and select command line/start argument/parameters) enter: -dataPath FIFAModData

Because it was the most asked question in the beta: most of FIFERs Addons are working with EEP. Only Tattoos mod will currently not due (I think) a issue in FIFAModManager. I recommend to sim 4-5 seasons in your career to make sure everything works as expected!!!

For the installation tutorial and a visual preview of the mod please check the following video:

For further support and feedback, please join this discord server.

Please note that the ALTERNATIVE mirror contains the WIP version of EEP 23!

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Career Mode Manual Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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Author: Slim