FIFA 16 Ballpack 3.1

Pack features new balls for FIFA 16:

added balls

– Nike Ordem Spor Toto Süper Lig 2015-16
– Adidas 2015 UEFA Super Cup

Update balls

– Nike Ordem Winter EPL/LFP/Serie A (edit for original EA Model)
– Nike Ordem FA Cup (edit for original EA Model + new Logo)

Made by EA, jorge78, danyy77, Ron69, john_shadow8, a L E x _ 1 O

Career Mode Compatible Compatible With Saved CM Drag & Drop Manual Install Online Compatible PC Compatible Needs Revolution Mod


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Author: Ron69

One comment

  1. Hey guys, I can’t use the balls included in this pack in Manager mode. They work just fine in normal friendly games, but in career mode I’m stuck with the original ball, even if I change the ball I wanna use in the pre-match settings (for example, in Serie A, during snowy games, I am stuck with the original white and purple Ordem, even if in the settings I put the orange and red winter Ordem). Could anyone help? Do I need to restart my career? Thanks in advance 🙂

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