FIFA 23: Polish Expansion Patch V.2.0 [TU17.1]

Polish Expansion Patch (PEP) is an add-on to the main FIFA 23 EEP mod, so it is required to download and install it before downloading this add-on.

Includes Improved PKO BP Ekstraklasa, Fortuna 1 Liga with play-offs, eWinner 2 Liga, extended Polish Cup, and Polish Super Cup.

– All teams have current rosters for the 22/23 season
– Added coaches to League 1 and League 2 teams
– Real referees assigned to Polish leagues and tournaments
– Added miniface for players and coaches
– All teams have licensed uniforms, flags, banners, scarves, etc.
– All teams from the Ekstraklasa and some from the 1st league have unique advertising boards (Legia, e.g. adidas, fortuna, etc.)
– All Polish leagues and cups have their own unique static and dynamic advertising boards (e.g. 2nd league has eWinner, WP etc.)
– Licensed balls
– Added new improved trophies (Polish Cup, Polish Super Cup, Fortuna 1 Liga, eWinner 2 Liga)
– Leaderboards with TV logs as an add-on (leaders, change automatically)
– Chants, anthems and goal songs for all Ekstraklasa and 1st League teams
– The Polish Cup only with teams from Ekstraklasa and the 1st League, unfortunately, due to the limits, we were unable to increase the Cup for teams from the 2nd League. After entering the 1st League, the team from the 2nd League normally plays in PP


Polish Realism Pack has been added, it is a reworked and adapted version to the Polish Expansion Patch from MCK Realism Mod.

IMPORTANT! In Career Settings, always select the “Loose” Negotiation Style

The add-on includes
– Improved transfers between AI teams
– Adjustment of budgets
– AI teams renew contracts more often
– AI teams will better fill in the gaps left by sold players
– More frequent Loans will be between clubs
– Reduced the number of transfers outside the transfer window
– Players will retire later
– Actual salaries and values
– Weaker teams will use loans more often
– Increased the number of job offers

Added transfer only addon “NO Transfers Mod”

This mod disables transfers. I suggest starting it from the first season. Before starting a new career, disable transfers in the start menu.
If you want to have transfers in the next season then (BEFORE JUNE 30th) save your career, exit the game and disable the mod in Mod Manager,
then restart the game, load the handing career and proceed to the next season. In the new season, AI teams will be making transfers back.

“Polish Referee Kits” add-on has been added

The add-on should be used only if we play in Polish leagues, when we want to play in a league other than Polish, we turn off the add-on.

The logos of TV and sports stations have also been added

WP Pilot – recommended if we play in the 2nd league
Eleven Sport
Polsat Sports Premium
Polsat Sport
Canal Plus Sport
TVP sports

WE ONLY USE ONE TV LOGO, we do not recommend combining them with the Polish Scoreboards Pack, because we may overwrite some logos. It is best to use them in foreign leagues.
Compatible with Polish Scoreboards are only (WP Pilot, Polsat Sport Premium, Polsat Sport, TVP Sport. In Polish Scroeboards Pack we already have logos for Polish leagues/cups like C+ for Ekstaklasa.

Have fun!

Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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