FIFA 23: RODE’s 23/24 New Season Mod Vol.2 [Winter Update] (TU#17.1)

Finally, it’s here!

Changelog (Since Vol.2):
– Deleted two Manchester Utd variants
– Fixed crash issue with Manchester Utd kit selection
– Other minor issues

Changelog (Since Vol.1):
– Winter Transfers
– More than +50 shorts/socks variants added
– More than +20 extra kits added
– More than +10 new kit fonts added
– Amount of new GK variants
– Some new wonderkids added
– A lot of kits updated/fixed close to real life
– Many kit sponsors updated/changed
– Premier League new captain ambrand
– Manchester City WC Club Champions badge
– General fixes for wrong number colors and minor issues


Because the number of Man Utd variants exceeds 10 kits, there is a very minor problem visually, sometimes, it will appear that the kits do not match the minikit, but simply select it, and then go back to the kit selector, and you will see it correctly now.

General Notes:

You need the latest FIFA update (TU#17.1) to use the mod
You need the latest FIFA Mod Manager version to use the mod
You need to load my squadfiles
Correct Mod Manager Order in the mod folder
Winter Transfers only available in EEP+FIFER Squadfile
Use FIFER Version if you use only FIFER Mods
Use EEP Version if you use EEP + FIFER or only EEP
FIFER only version have a few bugs that I can’t repair for some reason (like doble PL badge, etc) I recommend use EEP + FIFER version for don’t get any bug
If changes doesn’t show, try launching deleting mod data, or deleting manually


Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


Report Missing File !