FIFA 23: RODE’s 23/24 New Season Mod Update Vol.1 (TU#17.1)

Finally, it’s here!

General Notes

  • You need the latest FIFA update (TU#17.1) to use the mod
  • You need the latest FIFA Mod Manager version (1.1.4) to use the mod
  • You need to load my Squad files
  • You need FIFER Mod for run extra kits
  • Correct Mod Manager Order in the mod folder
  • Use FIFER Version if you use only FIFER Mods
  • Use EEP Version if you use EEP + FIFER or only EEP
  • I highly recommend use EEP + FIFER + RODE combination for full experience
  • If changes doesn’t show, try launching deleting mod data, or deleting manually

Addon FIX (Alternative Mirror)

  • FC Barcelona Rolling Stones Updated
  • Real Madrid with Sleeve Winner La Liga Badge in Career Mode fixed
  • Some Premier League Kits/Variants kits with doble logo fixed
  • General number colors, changes and improvements on kit tables
Career Mode Compatible Not Compatible With Saved CM Auto Install Not Online Compatible PC Compatible


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